Our visions

Technological change is inevitable! To stay competitive we all need to adopt and incorporate online technology into our everyday business operations. At SigmaCEM we identify tech trends early and ask us every day how to incorporate these tech trends in our tech solutions to bring additional value to our customers.

Total experience

As interactions become more mobile, virtual, and distributed, a total experience strategy that satisfies customers, employees, and users alike becomes more necessary. Total-experience (TX) contains the entire company experience – employee (EX), customer (CX), and user (UX). Before, during and after the sales.

Traditionally, CX, EX, and UX, have been seen as separate disciplines, and have been soiled by businesses. Stitching these disciplines together will give you a competitive advantage. As business becomes more remote, virtual, and distributed, a connected TX strategy is a necessity. The user experiences of customers and employees are connected by specific features and interactions that depend on each other. The conditions of these experiences shape the company’s reputation and affect the quality of their services overall. Through the unification of all the user experience touchpoints, businesses can offer seamless, enjoyable engagement with their brand.

Shaping a total experience involves e.g. establishing trust and open communication throughout the customer lifecycle, always being aware of customer goals and objectives and more.

Our vision

At SigmaCEM we believe, that to achieve this goal, it makes sense to focus on an improvement strategy that is useful to all groups. Embedding human interfaces in today´s digital employee, customer and user experience is essential to further increase the quality of services during the entire customer journey.

Instant shopping

The customer of the future wants to shop everywhere, sometimes books online, sometimes electronics in the shop next door. Concrete preferences for a fixed „channel” decrease.

The impatient consumer gives great importance to the fastest possible availability of products and services. These should be used immediately, at the same time. The distribution channels will finally merge. The customers used to have a very clear separation of leisure activities, travel and shopping. This separation no longer exists. Customers are nowadays shopping all the time.

This is a problem for the stationary trade and at the same time also offers opportunities. Instant shopping is becoming the norm.

Targeted offers, convenience and speed are the decisive criteria for success. Interestingly enough, latest studies also show that human interaction is important. Instant shopping opens up new opportunities for stationary retail. The customer encounters smart, mobile and customized offers.

Our vision

At SigmaCEM we believe, that data mining and promotions based on solid researched customer behaviours is key to success.  Above all, never to forget human interaction opportunities anywhere at any time.

Anywhere operations

At its core, this operating model allows for business to be accessed, delivered and enabled anywhere where customers, employers and business partners operate in physically remote environments.

Digital should be the default at all times.

That’s not to say physical space doesn’t have its place, but it should be digitally enhanced, by our series like for example Callme360 live, Opinello or Booker reservation system. Our web-based services are light in data, accessible from anywhere and is the new technology design norm supporting our clients to easy connect to their customers anywhere anytime.

Based on a wealth of knowledge covering multiple retail sectors, we have developed a suite of products that include the entire customer engagement journey offering best-in-class software solutions.

Our vision

At Sigma CEM we belive in digital first and foremost, supported by human, non-physical interaction especially in online and multi-channel retail.

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