Research & Analysis

We make more out of your data.

With Opinello we use our own method for consistent and standardized data collection. In our research & analysis department we collect additional data based on your request. We analyse the data, compare information, use reference data and we store and manage your data, building a dynamic database for your business.

Last but not least we interpret all information through our analytics tools for you.

Consulting Service

We are consulting to help your business grow.

We provide comprehensive consulting services focusing on your most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital as well as advanced analytics across all industries and geographies.  We are driving people, process, information and technology considerations, bringing deep functional expertise and having a holistic business perspective.

No matter what area or challenge you’re tackling, we can help!

Excellence Center

We are handling your calls, mails and Google inqueries and other communication channels efficient and smooth.

Our call centre is providing well spoken agents, but also an efficient call centre software to support having a large number of calls on a daily basis. However we are not limiting our call center to calls only. We are handling all your communications channels to ensure a 360 degree customer support at any time. We equipped our systems with features that make your customer service and client management much simpler – regardless of the size of your company.

Analytics is our cherry on the top: we collect data on the performance of the call center, access relevant details, and draw conclusions from them to improve business operations.

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