We are collecting feedback of your consumers.

Customer feedback is the best way to gain insights into what drives your customers to buy from your brand. With Opinello we have a tool to gain customer feedback on multiple levels not only with regards to NPS.

Opinello´s monthly updates are providing our clients with information to transform detractors, build customer relations, boost the brand image and a detailed alert system based on defined performance indicators.

Manago360 CRM

We are managing your customer relations 360° from A to Z.

With Manago360 CRM we developed a tool to admin all your customer contacts inbound and outbound. Manago360 CRM is much more than a call center reducing „Hold Time” and eliminating „Abandoned Calls”. We crawl customer feedback on various websites like e.g. Google review, check content and customer feedback to uplift overall customer experience.

In almost all customer touch points we can help your organization to focus on providing the best customer service by leveraging the resources and having a holistic view of the customer.


We are offering a convenient appointment scheduling platform.

With Booker you can easily and seamlessly take customer bookings online. No matter if requesting a personal consultation with e.g. a kitchen designer or a product specialist in store or just asking for a online help in a specific time window. Our booking platform will provide a solution to improve upon customer experience, as your clients can manage their booking with ease.

With 2-way chat, and automated customer appointment reminders sent via SMS and email, your business will undoubtedly improve the overall customer experience, save time, and of course increase repeat business.


We are managing the working time of your employees and sales promoters.

With CallMe3.0 we provide you a planning and supervision tool for your own and supportive sales employees. Always have the right number of own an outsourced employees based on customer peak times as well as administrative, logistic and other additional non-sales related workload at the point of sales to never miss a customer.


We are testing the knowledge of your employees.

Knowledge is decisive.

With TestMe360 we help your employees to continue growing their product- and sales skills. Our tests identify the additional training needs and make your sales employees consult better. Learning modules and tests are flexible and can be taken over any defined time period tracking down the development of your team.

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